Think it,

Act it,

Become it.

Join Jason Boreyko on a journey to be better, achieve more, and do greater things. Discover how to unlock your greatest potential in every area of your life. Small changes to make big impacts.



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  • Co-Founder SevenPoint 2
  • Author
  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Business Strategist

Jason Boreyko is a second generation network marketer, who at the tender age of 5, was packing Amway boxes for his father, a distributor for that company at the time. Jason started his own networking career at 18. After a few failures and some false starts, he reached the top five income earners of a $200 million dollar company by the age of 26.

He was the CEO & Co-Founder of one of the fastest growing networking companies in history. Under his leadership that company created one of the most legendary marketing systems in the industry and grew to a $100 million company in just thirteen months! Jason continued to lead that company to over $1 billion in combined sales in just seven years with more than 1.4 million distributors and offices in Japan, Canada, Australia and the United States. Still, his proudest professional accomplishment is that he was able to create 40 millionaires, and generate over $350 million in commissions for its members.

Currently, Jason is the CEO & Co-Founder of SevenPoint2® located in Newport Beach, California. SevenPoint2® is leading the Alkaline Movement with a commitment to superior products and helping people around the world experience optimal health and have an opportunity for financial freedom. With an executive team that has a vast amount of experience in nutrition and business development, SevenPoint2® is in place to impact the world for generations and become the world’s largest health and wellness company.

Experienced in both the corporate side of the business, as both Owner and CEO of his own networking company and also as a top Distributor for other companies, Jason surely knows the secret to becoming successful in network marketing.

Think It, Act It, Become It! 

Sometimes all it takes to change your life is the inspiration and motivation that you can be better, achieve more, and do greater things. “Think It, Act It, Become It!” is the key to unlocking your greatest potential in every area of your life. Through his own personal triumphs and ability to overcome challenges,  Jason Boreyko’s story will give you the incentive to reach higher and dream bigger than you every have before.

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